Which genome browser to use for my data ?

The development of genome sequencing projects since the early 2000s has been accompanied by efforts from the scientific community to develop interactive graphical visualization tools, called genome browsers or genome viewers. This effort has been further intensified with the advent of high throughput sequencing and the need to visualize data as diverse as Whole Genome Sequencing, exomes, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, variants, interactions, in connection with publicly available annotation information. Over the years, genome viewers have become increasingly sophisticated tools with advanced features for data exploration and interpretation.

We have reviewed seven genome browsers, selected for their notoriety and their complementarity : Artemis, GIVE, IGB, IGV, Jbrowse, Tablet, and the UCSC Genome Browser. The purpose of this work is to provide simple guidelines to help you to choose the right genome browser software for your next project.

Take a tour (JOBIM 2019 special edition)

Authors: Franck Bonardi, Loïc Couderc, Isabelle Guigon, Jean-Pascal Meneboo, Pierre Pericard, Hélène Touzet - July 2019